Protecting New York State Workers

Dear Valued Clients,  

As you know, it is our mission to ensure that workers in New York State have the protections they need and deserve in the event of a workplace injury.

There are several bills in the New York State Legislature that will help make our mission a reality.

We need your help letting Albany lawmakers know that they have to pay attention to these bills.

The New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance created a simple website where you can type in your name and address and a letter is sent directly to the Albany lawmakers in whose district you reside. The process will only take a few seconds, yet will have a great impact in Albany protecting and ensuring the rights of those injured at work in New York.

Now more than ever working New Yorkers need strong protections!

Share with friends and family, the more letters we send out, the better the chance the lawmakers will hear us!

Contact your legislators here:

Thank you,

Eric Nass, Esq.

Marder, Nass & Wiener, PLLC